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When one thinks about Jamaica, one conjures images of white sandy beaches, the birthplace of rhythmic reggae music and its famous jerk chicken but Jamaica has much more to offer.

Discovered by the Spanish, it became a British Colony and is now the place to visit for the ultimate Caribbean holiday.
Life here is unhurried, laid-back, and fun and there is something for everyone. From top-class all-inclusive resorts to intimate inns to a host of exciting and different experiences which all combine to make Jamaica the perfect holiday destination.

The island has six very distinct resort regions. The main tourist areas are in the north and west, while the south is wild and unspoilt but offers fun soft adventure.

So work through the modules and discover the Spirit of Jamaica. By the end you'll be able to sit back and say ‘Yeh Man’ in true Jamaican style.

JAMAICA also has produced the world’s first destination film in 3D. It is available on the internet on  To order your 3D glasses to view the file please go to

Ziggy - The Jamaican chap